Other Stuff

Below are listed some of the libraries and packages that are used with Algae.
Algae's "plot" function is a front end for gnuplot. This package is optional, but you can't plot without it.

The GNU Readline library is a command-line editing and history utility. It isn't required, but it's pretty handy.

The BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines) library is optional in that Algae supplies its own if you don't have it. The version that Algae supplies is a subset of the generic version that comes with LAPACK. If your system provides a BLAS library, it may be faster than the one that comes with Algae. Some systems, though, have BLAS libraries that are broken or that contain only a subset of the routines you'll need.

The LAPACK library is also optional, as Algae supplies its own if you don't have it. It contains routines for many numerical linear algebra operations. Version 3.0 is required.

The FFTW package provides high-performance Fourier transforms. Highly recommended, but Algae supplies its own FFT routines if you don't have it.

BCSLIB is a package of high-quality linear algebra routines from Boeing. (BCS was the acronym for "Boeing Computer Services".) If you have BCSLIB, Algae can use its sparse matrix capabilities to good advantage. Actually, it's BCSLIB-EXT that we use -- it then calls BCSLIB. I've been told that all Cray machines have this.

Algae provides its documentation in both html and info formats. You probably already have an html browser (like Netscape); if you prefer, the info format can be read either within Emacs or with one of the stand-alone Info programs such as Info or tkinfo.

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